Church Music Preparation

Are you a church music director? Do you prepare music, books or binders for your morning worship services, masses, or special services for instrumentalists? Are your instrumentalists trying to decipher their parts from piano scores, requiring difficult page turns and fold outs? Are your instrumentalists having trouble transposing their parts? Do musical selections include convoluted musical “road maps” of intros, refrains, verses, choruses, and repeats causing frustration and confusion in both rehearsals and worship services?

You need Volante’s help.

We will work with you to provide clearly laid out sheet music, concise and easy to read parts for your instrumentalists, transposed for each instrument to your specifications. No more deciphering parts on the fly from piano scores for your instrumentalists. No more confusing “road maps” or frustrating page turns.

Contact us for a quote! Try us out and make your next service a breeze for both yourself and your musicians! Please fill out the contact form below or email us at to let us know about your project and how we might help.