MP3 Piano Accompaniment

Are you a performer, student, hobbyist, always wishing you had an accompanist at your beckon call?  Wish you had someone to play along with at home?  Save money and have more fun in the practice room while honing your performance skills with play-along accompaniments!


How Does It Work? Its Easy!


Provide us with the accompaniment sheet music to your piece and we'll create an MP3 piano accompaniment file for you to play with. We can even change the pitch of an existing audio track without affecting tempo if you simply need something raised or lowered.  Please attach an image file or URL link of the sheet music to your email or the form below, or if applicable, an audio file if you wish to adjust the pitch to an existing accompaniment file. Let us know what the accompaniment will be for (i.e. practice, performance), whether you want a click count-off, and be sure to give us details such as tempi, rubatos, pauses, or other such personalized performance alterations specific to you!  If you have any questions with this process, simply leave the file/URL field blank and we will get the information we need later.  Accompaniments are created digitally but include realistic musical subtleties as if played by a real performer.  Listen below for some examples!

We will be more than happy to provide you with a quote for your piece!  Please fill out the form below or email us at!

Rachmaninoff “How Fair This Spot” Accompaniment Only (Including Intro Click)

Rachmaninoff “How Fair This Spot” With Trumpet Solo (No Intro Click)

Ravel Habanera Accompaniment Only (Including Intro Click)

Ravel Habanera Accompaniment With Trumpet Solo (No Intro Click)

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